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thiol liked your post: hottestporngifs liked your photo: THIS ONE’S FOR…

i made the hottest porn gif for you

thiol asked:
fix my sunburn ok bi

u dum y u get sunburn

just b lik mi and nevr go outside <33

thiol asked:
oleb, dis me, missan u, okkkkrrr?

scatt i was jus thinkin bout how i havent seen u in 2 long!!!!!!!!!! dis me missan u rite bak!!!!

Jul 28 (1)

thiol replied to your post: i will marry whoever buys me that salted caramel…

brb gon 2 da stor

Jul 24 (1)

thiol replied to your post: y’all know that girl that did that portrait out of…

you have to put lipstick on to make the boys want to… Kiss you.

nailed it

Jul 19 (3)
thiol asked:
psst olive u r hawt. srs i cant get over your red carpet look

thnxz hunny bunches!!!!!!!!!! :’)

i guess this is a good cue for me to post some pictures eh

thiol asked:
hapee oleb day. is internashunal oleb day, das u!


Jun 13 (3)
thiol asked:
y do u lok lyke a owl, jw i mean u r eevn smilin...

thats just my face :(((((((((((((((

May 30 (2)

thiol replied to your photo: ur dum

good thing you cropped out my nude submission

im saving it so i can leak ur nudes wen ur famus

Apr 25 (1)